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Map Apps Interactive Map Designing Agency India

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We craft enthralling maps in unique styles – photographic, infographic, hand sketched, illustrative, poster, find my outlet, google map tools and mobile map aps.

At MaxSfx we believe maps are an expression of your reach to your customers and not just a picture of a geographical area. Alternatively, they can also be simplified illustrations of huge data. With its flair to go beyond the conventional, MaxSfx excels in making simple static data maps to developing maps in various creative styles.

As your map making agency, we give a unique blend of creativity, style and art to the core data information on your maps, so that your maps portray your passion to reach out to your customers and stand above competition. These map tools then become essential parts of your communication to your customer and can be used stand alone or be part of your sales presentations, websites or pushed heavily on digital and social media.

Key projects

Map Apps

Map Apps Interactive Map Designing Agency India

Infographic map


A global footprint map of submarine cables and global assets


Some of our other map designing projects

Though Maxsfx is among few creative map makers in Delhi and India, we develop and maintain maps for global companies.

We follow a simple strategy to create the most complex maps! Here is how we do it:

Understand the data: As a first step, we analyse the data provided by you for your map, keeping in mind your key objective, brand values, target audience, and the medium where map will be used.  This is done through probing discussions with your team accompanied by lot of idea generation, inventive brainstorming and research at our end. We then decide with your team, the most appropriate style to develop your map, map tool or map ap.

Develop: Developing the map is then done collaboratively by the creative team and map making experts excelling in the use state of the art technology and software, while safeguarding your brand directives and values.

Deliver and maintain: We finally deliver the map in the format best suited for your specific need or medium to be used, with a library of alternative formats including print ready versions, high res versions for use at events, light web view versions for fast viewing and easy exchange over digital or social media.

So if you are looking for an inspiring map maker, infographic map maker, map app maker or a mobile map app maker, please contact us today.