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We create awesome newsletters, emailers, infographics, online calculators, mobile aps, e-books, tutorials, surveys and any other form of digital marketing tools.

Today’s scenario of fierce competition demands your customers are well informed of your products and servcies and your salesforce is fully up to date with your key messages, offers. To enable them to be the masters of selling, communications and are equipped with futuristic sales tools to take on the market.  MaxSfx helps you to ace this challenge at both internal and customer front with minimal resource spend. We have helped many businesses in engaging their customers with newsletters, emailers, calulators, technical demos, infographics, etc. and elevating their salesforce and other staff with online tutorials, video tutorials, online courses and certifications, digital libraries etc. On customer front  e-catalogues and brochures, ebooks and calculators and sales tools we create are not only more convincing than mere presentations but also very easy and economical to share with customers.

MaxSfx with its highly creative team helps you provide impactful sales tools and ecalculators which help you demonstrate real benefits of your products to customers like savings calculators,  return on investments (ROI calculators), Calorie and work out calculators, etc.

MaxSfx has also helped businesses to cater to their internal needs like staff trainings, management debriefs, motivational videos, sales contests or internal campaign videos etc. to provide an experience of real trainings/ meetings without actually being there. So you can make your trainings and staff messages much more interesting and effective, while cut down heavily on travel costs and recurring meetings.

Though Maxsfx is among the ace ebook-and-training -tutorial agencies in Delhi and India, we have produced multiple corporate design tutorials for global brands. We also provide ebook publishing services in India and globally and also help customer maintain ebook and training libraries.

We follow a simple yet very effective 3 step technique to create the training and sales tools.

Understand: A good start makes a good end! We make a good start by gaining a deep understanding of your key objective, brand values, target audience, core message and proposition and a deep study of  the elaborate training/course material provided by you. We then create and share a blueprint of the tutorial/sales tool. This is done not only through close discussions with your team but also out of the box idea generation, inventive brainstorming and research at our end.

Create: This is followed by developing the actual by experts excelling in latest scripting technologies, graphics animation, sound animation, audio voice overs and even actors. We use state of the art technology and software, while keeping your brand directives intact.

Deliver and maintain: We finally deliver the tutorial/ sales tool in the format best suited for your specific need with a library of alternative formats for future use e.g. high definition for use at events, light versions web view version for fast viewing and easy exchange over digital media or go viral.

Post production: We can also manage your tutorial, certification programs, run post tutorial quizzes, maintain databases, libraries etc.

Maxsfx specializes in digital marketing agency, infographics, newsletter and is based out of India.

So if you are looking to create inspiring sales tools, HR tutorials, ecertification programs for your customers and staff, please contact us today.