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At MaxSfx we develop your corporate messaging and design corporate presentations. Team MaxSfx is also adept in crafting product based, technical, event based, training and all other types of presentations.

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Slideshows are the handiest and the most used corporate tools to quickly demonstrate your message to the audience which could be your business profile, product knowledge, product usage and procedure, competition comparison charts, internal analysis & reviews for management etc. These are highly versatile, easy to update. Easy insertion of graphics, imagery, analytic graphs, audio video makes them highly useful and appealing. However, slideshows can also spell disaster even for experienced presenters, if they are not developed the right way. We have the key to success.

At MaxSfx, we are an adept powerpoint presentation developing agency in Delhi, India. As a first step, we gain an understanding of the message to be conveyed, and brainstorm on how to create a consistent and effective flow throughout the presentation design template. We strategize the structure, messaging, imagery for the presentation keeping in view the target audience and customer segment.

As an experienced preso developer, we know that presentation slides are a medium for illustrating an idea graphically or providing an overview. Slides are not meant for details and reading. We abridge and streamline the number of words on each slide, eliminating long paras, punctuation, complex tables etc. Key words and phrases are used to include only essential information. To support the longer descriptions and narrative of the key points, we provide speaker’s notes to outline your presentation.

On the graphic side, we ensure the right balance of imagery, animation, audio and video effects. It is very significant to achieve this balance as too much of effects distract the audience and decrease the credibility. On the other hand, lack of any imagery and effects can make the presentation mundane and dreary. We also provide presentation designing and packaging services, in cases where clients wish to retain the content as provided by them.

Once the powerpoint is ready, we take it through a mock or a testing phase to make sure your slides on the screens of various sizes are readable, even from the back row seats.  Both text and graphics should be sufficiently large to read without effort, but not excessively large as to appear “loud.” All animations, audio and video insertions are thoroughly tested for smooth functioning. Not only that, in most cases we also provide an alternative plan, in case of any technical glitches.

So if you are looking to create inspiring corporate power point presentations, please contact us today.