Fair Usage

Fair Usage Policy

MaxSfx Multimedia and Marketing (referred as “MaxSfx”) permits use of PHP, Perl, CGI and other scripting languages and databases all its servers. However, these can be resource heavy, we must limit how much of the CPU can be used by any one account on a shared server. MaxSfx has created a Fair Usage policy for its hosting customers, to safeguard interests of all users on the shared server.

What is considered to be “Unfair Usage”?

A site or account whose PHP, Perl, CGI and other scripting or coding languages and databases are consuming excessive amounts of system resources that leads to substantial degradation of server performance is deemed to be unfair usage. MaxSfx will hold the sole arbitrary rights to decide what is considered as constitutes degraded server performance.

MaxSfx also does not permit UBB or YABB bulletin boards as use of these boards for large or very active forums can lead to system performance degradation, and cannot be permitted in our shared server environment. We recommend use of  VBulletin or phpBB as these are more efficient, database-driven alternatives to bulletin boards.

Why follow an “unfair usage policy”?

MaxSfx follows this policy to ensure server Speed and fairness among all account holders and users over a shared server. As there are multiple accounts per system, we cannot allow one or two clients to usurp all resources on a shared server, while other clients suffer. Excess CPU utilization by one or more clients causes drastic latencies in all areas (FTP, Email, Web Sites, etc.) for others. If the CPU usage gets too out of control, all sites/accounts hosted on the same machine and their related services, may return errors and also become inaccessible.

Violation of “unfair usage policy”

A warning email is sent by MaxSfx to all accounts using excessive system resources. This warning informs such a user of the high usage and provides options for reducing the usage or upgrading and migrating to another virtual or dedicated server. If the account holder does not reduce the usage within 24 hours of the email sent, the site is suspended. MaxSfx also reserves the right to disable a site without any email notice, in case the usage is too high and detrimental, leaving no option and time for notice period.